There is so much opportunity to grow and develop Alaska; but we must have the human resources to move into the future.  It is essential that Alaska change the way it provides education to our children.  We need to get back to the basics and provide the youth of Alaska the tools they will need to be successful adults and responsible citizens.  An amazing education is the most important factor in pulling people from dependency and poverty.  Education can offer an individual an opportunity for higher income and to work in a career they love.  It offers freedom and choices.  I will support policy that increases school choice, strengthens the parent’s voice, incentivizes, and supports good teachers to come here and stay.


Responsible Resource Development

I have a vision that takes Alaska into a prosperous future.  I will support responsible resource development and those policies that will support growing business in Alaska.  Let’s make things easier for Alaskans who want to work and raise their family.  A robust resource industry will help provide jobs and create much-needed infrastructure.  Well-maintained roads, bridges, better pedestrian facilities, more businesses, and housing are what’s needed to make Alaska more attractive to people to move to Anchorage and make life better and easier on all Alaskans. 



We are a military family. My husband is a retired Army officer and I have two sons in the Air Force. I have a commitment to support those in our Armed Services. I was outraged at the treatment of our service men and woman during the COVID pandemic.  I support the rights and freedoms of each military member fighting for my rights and freedoms.  I strongly support 2nd amendment rights and I’m committed to supporting our Veterans.


Smaller, limited Government

Alaska must learn to live within its means.  My vision is a state with a robust, thriving private sector with individuals creating their own personal wealth and investing in their communities, without the burden of complicated government regulations. Reduced government spending helps lighten the tax burden off the shoulders of the taxpayer and provides more opportunity for individuals to rise and fill those needs from the private sector. 

Re-Elect Julie Coulombe for House District 11

Upcoming State Elections

Primary Election
August 20, 2024

General Election
November 5, 2024

Neither the military information nor the photographs imply endorsement by the Department of Defense or their particular military departments (or the Department of Homeland Security for members of the Coast Guard).